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Boycotts Looming For Eden Foods over “Hobby-Lobby-esque” Contraception Coverage (18 July 2014)

Congress Blocks Bill to Restore Contraceptive Coverage in Wake of Hobby Lobby Case (16 July 2014)

Abortion Clinic Protections Proposed in Massachusetts (14 July 2014)

High School Sophomore Speaks Out Against Hobby Lobby Ruling (8 July 2014)

Opinion: Hobby Lobby Lavishes Contraception Coverage On Employees (30 June 2014)

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Hobby Lobby on Contraception Coverage Exemption (30 June 2014)

Supreme Court Rules Against 35-foot Buffer Zone for Abortion Clinics (26 June 2014)

Pending Hobby Lobby Case Threatens to Redefine Personhood and Religious Freedom (21 March 2014)

Stakes are High In the Hobby Lobby Case (27 November 2014)

Eugenics Alive and Well in the U.S. (10 July 2013)

Chilean Leader Praises 11 Yr. Old Rape Victim for Refusing Abortion (10 July 2013)

TX House Passes Contentious Abortion Bill (10 July 2013)

TX Anti-Abortion Bill Revote Imminent (
9 July 2013)

Battle Over Abortion Here to Stay (9 July 2013)

Texas House Set to (Re)vote on Abortion Restricstions (9 July 2013)

Texas Law Could For Closure of Some Abortion Clinics (6 July 2013)

Church of Satan Distances Itself from Pro-Abortionist Chant “Hail Satan!” (5 July 2013)

Texas Bill Clears First Hurdle After Filibuster (3 July 2013)

Austin, TX Pro-Abortionist Crowd Chants “Hail Satan!” (4 July 2013)

Austin, TX Pro-Choice Protestors Hired Through Craig’s List (1 July 2013)

Socialistis and Occupy Protesters Help ‘Yell Down’ Abortion Bill (28 June 2013)

Media Sides With Death, Wendy Davis Is Not a Hero (27 June 2013)

Special Session for Passing Texas Pro-Life Law (26 June 2013)

Abortion Controversy Swirls Over Late TX Senate Proceedings (26 June 2013)

Texans on Verge of Passing Abortion Clinic Restriction Law (24 June 2013)

Maddow: Wisconsin and Texas Abortion Laws Have Gone Too Far (22 June 2013)

“People’s Filibuster” Halts Abortion Bill (21 June 2013)

TX Abortion Restriction Bill Filibustered (21 June 2013)

Huge Turnout for Citizen’s Filibuster over TX Abortion Bill (21 June 2013)

Planned Parenthood to Support Obamacare in Every Office (20 June 2013)

House Passes Ban on Late-Term Abortion (19 June 2013)

House Ok’s 20-week abortion Ban (19 June 2013)

Dem Opposition to 20-week abortion ban led by Lofgren (19 June 2013)

Rep. Marsha Blackburn: Opinion Piece Against Abortion (18 June 2013)

Exceptions added to the Pain-Capable Abortion Ban (17 June 2013)

Rape Exceptions added to the Pain-Capable Abortion Ban (16 June 2013)

Abortion Bill Pushes Constitutional Limits (15 June 2013)

Boehner Defends Abortion Discussion (13 June 2013)

Judge Approves Morning-After Pill Plan (12 June 2013)

“Incidence of Rape Resulting in Pregnancy very low” Rep. Trent Franks (12 June 2013)

Morning-After Pill Won’t be Blocked, says Obama (10 June 2013)

Abortion Issue In Filibuster (6 June 2013)

NFL center, Matt Birk declines W.H. visit over Obama’s “God Bless Planned Parenthood” (6 June 2013)

Dems Resume ‘War on Women’ language for Repubs (5 June 2013)

Infanticide Case in China Halted (29 May 2013)

S. Korean Pastor Intro’s Dropbox for Unwanted Babies (28 May 2013)

Court Blocks Bill Defunding Planned Parenthood in Indiana (28 May 2013)

Myanmar adopted Chinese-style Abortion Policy . . . against Muslims (28 May 2013)

Gosnell Sister Used Garbage Disposal On Fetal Remains, Gets Probation (28 May 2013) 

Probe Continues In Maternal Death From Botched Abortion (28 May 2013)

Arkansas Post-12 Week Abortion Ban Postponed (17 May 2013)

TX House Bill 15 Causes Cancer? (17 May 2013)

ND Abortion Clinic Sues State for Right to Stay Open (15 May 2013)

Probe Demanded for Abortion Doc Who Twisted Heads Off Babie (15 May 2013)

Pro-Life Groups Targeted in IRS Scandal (15 May 2013)

Philly Abortion Doc Sentenced to 3 life Terms, No Parole (15 May 2013)

DC Abortion Fund Helps Immigrants, Poor and Underprivileged Pay for Abortion (13 May 2013)

Administration Does Disservice to Public on Emergency Contraception (10 May 2013)

When Health Care Providers Refuse Care Whose Rights Are At Stake? (8 May 2013)

Late Term Abortion like “Meat in a Crock Pot” (8 May 2013)

NC Bill Requires Education for Abortion (8 May 2013)

Gosnell Trial, all about Location, Location, Location (8 May 2013)

So Long Pro-Choice, I’m Pro-Faith (7 May 2013)

Colorado Supreme Court Rejects Catholic Health Case, Punts on Fetal Rights (6 May 2013)

Abortion Rights Community Has Become the NRA of the Left (6 May 2013)

Cardinal Brady Calls Abortion Legislation “Morally Unacceptable” (6 May 2013)

Obama Admin Gives Up Forcing Bible Publisher to Obey HHS Mandate (6 May 2013)

First Slavery Now Abortion, Blacks bear the Brunt of Americas Lost Moral compass (6 May 2013)

Baby born alive was tossed into a bag and thrown on the roof of the abortion clinic (6 May 2013)

The Silence of the Lambs [The Media Blackout on the Kermit Gosnell Case] (3 May 2013)

Morning After Pill Available Over the Counter for 15 Year Old Girls (3 May 2013)

Alexander Sanger: History of Abortion (29 April 2013)

My Wife Is Expecting Twins and I Am Not Happy About It (24 April 2013)

Brian Sims, Pennsylvania Democrat, On Abortion: We Did Not ‘Swear To Uphold The Bible’ (VIDEO) (23 April 2013)

Arkansas Passes The Fetal Heartbeat/12 Week Bill (21 April 2013)

Medications Used to Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis May Affect Abortion Rate in Women (16 April 2013)

Abortion Bans Move to the Fore says Guttmacher Survey (11 April 2013)

Kansas Abortion Bill Passes House, Sent to Governor for Signature (6 April 2013)

Kids Less Sexually Active Than People Think (2 April 2013)

North Dakota Abortion Ban Signed By Governor Jack Dalrymple (26 March 2013)

Houston Doctor Accused of Illegal Abortions (17 March 2013)

Wayne Besen Editorial: On Fetal-Heartbeat Pro-life Laws (11 March 2013)

Repub. Ann Clemmer Backs Toughest Anti-Abortion Bill, The Fetal-Heartbeat Law (7 March 2013)

John Boehner: Ending Abortion is ‘One of our most Fundamental Goals This Year’ (25 January 2013)

Analysis of Roe v. Wade and Arrests of and Forced Interventions on Women (2o January 2013)

Gov. Rick Perry’s Sister Stands to Profit off of Bill Restricting Abortion Clinics (10 October 2012)

Anti-Abortionists Picket Clinic’s Landlord (9 August 2011)

Late-Term Abortion Doctor Admits “I Kill Children” (6 November 2009)

Woman Who Aborted Deformed Fetus Defends Procedure (8 November 1995)

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