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The Coathanger Argument

What is the “Coathanger Argument”?[1] One of the commonly spouted, earnestly supported, eagerly shouted arguments for the pro-choice position is the coathanger argument. Heavy laden with emotion, and with at least some evidential support, this argument is one of the … Continue reading

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Guide for Discussing Abortion – Central College Students for Life – 9.8.2016

Hey gang, I just could not get the discussion guide printed despite wrestling with printers at home and at the office. So, I’m making it available online. Discussion Guide – Central College Students for Life – 9.8.2016 Sincerely, John

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What is it that’s being aborted?

Introduction Is it a fetus? Is it a baby? Is it a person, a child, or perhaps a human being? In the ethics debates over abortion, the status of the aborted individual is no small matter. If that entity is a rights-bearing … Continue reading

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Research Notes on Abortion

For those of you who attended my talk at the NCCA (2015), here are PDF’s of the (1) Complete Notes, (2) Prolife Arguments, and (3) Prochoice Objections. Handout.Complete Notes: The Case Against Abortion Handout.30 Prolife Arguments Handout.Prochoice.Objections

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If Men could get pregnant . . .

One of the arguments common in the abortion debate is a thought experiment about male pregnancy. The theorized scenario goes something like this: If men could get pregnant, then [insert prochoice outcome, like . . .] birth-control would be given … Continue reading

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Is Abortion Safe?

Some pro-choice advocates suggest that abortion should be “safe, rare, and legal.” But what if it’s not safe at all? Well, the abortion-choice advocate can point out that maternal deaths have gone down significantly in the history of abortion. Medically “safe” … Continue reading

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The Injustice Argument Against Abortion

Pro-choice advocates are known to argue for abortion access on the basis of sexism in history, namely, women have been oppressed and marginalized over the ages and chief among these are traditional role expectations in patriarchal (male-centered) societies. Abortion, in … Continue reading

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